Sony Ericsson X Hello Kitty Bling Bling 企劃

今天工作一頭煙,傻吓傻吓之際有同事通知有件收,是Sony Ericsson寄來的問候。原來Kitty女皇不止在「Who’s the next Hello Kitty?」會場發威,還有和SE合作,只要購買指定手機型號就可以獲贈Bling Bling精品。對於那個Bling Bling閃石掛飾我早已愛不釋手急不及待拆開來用,就算下了甚麼風水禁令今年「虎入虎穴」不可放/用任何與貓(虎)相關的物品在公司也不理得那麼多。至於Kitty女皇隨身妝物亦正合我下月預算出trip(有命先至講)之用。感謝SE給我打氣,讓我在9月有個美好的開始。

Kitty女皇Bling Bling閃石掛飾

Kitty女皇Bling Bling閃石掛飾


4 Responses to Sony Ericsson X Hello Kitty Bling Bling 企劃

  1. kitty lover says:

    hello :) i heart hello kitty, hoho

    so do i have to buy the mobile at SE shop in order to get the hello kitty souvenior? or i can go to any shop , e.g. broadway, fortress, etc. and still be able to get these gifts?

    envy u ah! can get all souveniors!! i gues i can only get 1 ja… as i don’t know the staffs :(

  2. Daisy says:

    yes i think you can get them at all retail shop la

  3. Roseann says:

    hi, I got this key chains but I lost the star-shaped with the hook.

    do you know where I can buy it or are you going to sell it to me?


  4. Daisy says:


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